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Planning a Party?

One of your children is having a birthday and you need some information on how to plan a birthday party for your child.

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Once you organize the tasks you need to do, into logical steps you won't feel overwhelmed. Each step will have sub tasks that need to be done in order to complete the total step. When each step is broken down into smaller steps they will be manageable to do.

Listed here are 7 simple steps that you can take to plan a birthday party for your child, rapidly.


Step 1: Decide How Many Children To Invite.

This means that you need to decide if you are going to invite all the children in the school that your child attends. Or decide if you will have a smaller party with just a few very close friends.

If you plan on inviting the majority of children in the class, you should invite all of them.

Step 2: Let Your Child Decide On The Party Theme.

This part is very important because all children have a favorite movie, cartoon character or sport they like to play. Selecting their own favorite cartoon character for their birthday party will make them the happiest. Now you can purchase party supplies in about every theme you can imagine from Strawberry Shortcake to Ben 10 and Wow! Wow! Wubbzy.

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Step 3: Select A Party Venue.

This will probably mean that you have decided on how many children will be invited.

If you plan on having a smaller party with just a few close friends of your child then you could have the party in your home/function room.

Indoor play centres, or gyms, are becoming increasingly popular as children's birthday party venues with a large number of parties being held at such venues on a regular basis.

You need to make sure the party venue is appropriate for the age and energy level of all the children.

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Step 4: Mail The Invitations.

This will likely involve having your party venue booked in advance if you plan on having it at a professional birthday party location.

An important factor you will want to remember here will be to call anyone that hasn't responded to your RSVP on the invitation. Why this could make a difference is you will have to pay for a minimum number of children when you give the final count to the party venue.

Step 5: Plan The Party Meal Or Snack and Birthday Cake

Keep in mind the age of the children and how easy or messy the food will be for them to eat. This is especially important if the celebration is a do-it-yourself party in your own home. Else, you may consider engaging catering service.

Don't forget to place your order for your Birthday cake. Children love birthday cakes that are based on their party theme.

Step 6: Plan the entertainment

Arrange for any party entertainers as soon as possible, you will need to consider booking times and the necessary deposits. There are sure to be several local entertainers that will come to your home, just look in your neighborhood penny saver or free parent guides that can be found at the library or grocery store.

Magicians, balloonists, face painters, cricatures and Jumping castle are always popular at a birthday party. Many magicians now incorporate face painting, balloon sculpture, juggling and drawing caricatures in their performance.

Step 7: Thank You Gift

Every kids likes to receive a thank you gift. So, prepare a special thank you gift to all your kids who are attending the party. Tell them how much you appreciate their coming to the birthday party for your child and helping make it a memorable occasion.

When you keep to your project plan and take each step one at a time you will find that you are finished in no time at all. Now, you will be able to sit back, take a break and enjoy the fruits of your labor before the party begins.

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